Saturday, November 14, 2009


I've been looking forward to seeing the movie 2012. I might try to talk the wife into going this weekend. She is not much into disaster movies so it will be a hard sell. Personally it doesn't bother me. I like watching movies and shows about the end of the world.

Part of the reason is we are all going to die at some point. Going out with everyone else in an end that has good special effects doesn't seem to me to be any worse than wasting away with a horrible illness or gradually watching everthing being taken away from you as you die from old age. Death is usually a solitary thing so going out with everyone else might not be so lonely. This is not to say I have a death wish. Far from it. My goal is to live long enough to see science make death optional. Then to live long enough to experience everything I want to experience, to gain all the knowledge I want or can and then when I am satisfied to simply decide ok I am done.

As for end of the world scenarios, I guess I would want to avoid those that have long prolonged painful deaths possibly involving starvation. Gamma ray bursts, asteroid impacts if you are not at ground zero, likewise super volcanos, robot revolutions (I have no illusions about our chances against advanced AI despite all the Terminator movies), basically any end that cannot be observed with a final glass (or bottle) of scotch and a pack of cigarrettes (I'm a closet occasional smoker). Advanced warning would probably not be a good thing either, months or years of waiting watching society unravel as our impending doom approached might be like hell on earth. I'm not sure what this leaves as an option. The sun suddenly exploding, a rogue planet appearing out of nowhere and smashing into earth, suddenly discovering the laws of physics are not as permanent as we thought as we all go drifting out into space. Hey it could happen, we only know the effects of the laws of physics, not the cause.

Anyhow, I was saying I kinda want to see this movie.

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